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Fire Pump Packages

Our portable fire pump packages have been designed to provide you with the best home wildfire protection value based on the following criteria: best cost to performance ratio, fastest deployment in a fire emergency, and lowest maintenance/highest dependability.

Key features in every Package – collectively unmatched by any competitor:

? Quick connection of suction hose to pump intake with no threading required saving critical minutes.

? Manually double-rolled fire hose similar to how it is carried on fire trucks to minimize hose binds and twists that may   require a critical 15 minutes to resolve. Beware of factory straight rolled products that require to you re-roll them, or   worst, to discover the problem when you do not have that extra 15 minutes.

? Automatic pressure relief valve releases water when the engine is running and nozzle(s) are closed. The pump may
  seize when run for 15 minutes with nozzle(s) closed – inexpensive protection.

? Manual pump priming (ALL pumps require priming) is fast, simple, and reliable. Tools to automate the priming rely on   plastic tubing, connectors, and other parts that damage and deteriorate easily.

? Maintenance placard attached to cart covering startup, maintenance, storage, and troubleshooting.

? Battery charger included with electric start models – standard AC power charger or optional solar-power charger.

See the Pump Performance Curve chart (Click on image).
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Notes of Pump Package Specifications:

(a) Pump Curve Chart: See the Pump Curve Chart for comparison of performance by model.

(b) Electric Start option: Includes battery tray, cables, trickle charger. Battery cannot be shipped and is excluded (can be purchased from     most Hardware and Auto Parts stores (compatible battery models included in instructions).

(c) Pressure Relief Valve: If a high pressure water pump is run for more than 10 minutes with nozzles turned off, the water will boil and potentially     damage the pump seals. Pressure relief valve protects the pump from damage by releasing water when the internal pressure exceeds a pre-set     level. The pressure relief valve is pre-set, but must be adjusted during engine breakin period per the instructions.

(d) PSI at 50 GPM: Metric provides best comparative performance between pumps.

(e) Quick connect fittings: Suction hose attaches and locks to pump quickly and without threading, saving critical minutes when starting
    the pump.

(f) Fire Hoses: Single external layer with internal rubber lining, brass connectors. Hoses are manually double coiled for mounting and storage on     the hand-truck for quick deployment, saving critical minutes when using. Thread type options: NST or NPSH (compatible with IPT).

(g) Nozzles: 75 GPM capacity and are fully adjustable from closed to full stream to fog. Standard nozzles are red with twist on/off control.     Optional nozzle is available with D-handle on/off (same 75 GPM capacity).

(h) Hand-truck: Full-size, heavy duty hand-truck has 600 pound capacity, and has mounting hardware for attachment of Pump, Suction Hose, and     Fire Hoses. Pneumatic tires enable moving equipment up and down easier and without damage to stairs.

(i) Shipping: Packages shipped in two (2) boxes will be delivered by Freight Carrier by appointment. Carrier will offload containers and move them     by floor jack at your direction and location.

(j) Optional Honda engines: are available on models where the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard is the standard. These models require 2 weeks lead time     for delivery.

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