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Customer Service
Pre-sale Services:
- Assistance in selecting our products is available:

o Our guidance on selecting a Pump Package;
o Our Frequently Asked Questions;
o If your questions have not been answered fully, please give us a call or email.

After Sale Services:
- Track the status of your Purchase here
- Setup and usage of your Fire Pump and Hose Package:

o Each Package comes with a "Quick Start" written instructions,
o Each Package has an all-weather "Start-up and Operating Instructions" attached to the cart, and
o Instructional video on setup, operating, and maintenance of your Pump Package, and
o If there are any additional questions, please contact us by email or by phone.

- Maintenance Reminders:

o Pump Packages: All mechanical equipment requires maintenance at the manufacturer's recommended    intervals; we will send you reminders via email at those milestones.
o We will send you "Best Practice" experiences in maintaining your "Defensible Space" and using your
   Pump Package.
o Water Tanks: Tanks require limited maintenance to maximize their useful life and we will send your    recommendations via email.

- Maintenance Services: If you would like assistance in changing the engine oil or other periodic motor services,
  contact us by email or by phone.
- Warranty Services: If your Package requires warranty service, please contact us.

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