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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fire Pump and Hose Package?
The Fire Pump and Hose Package is a portable, gasoline-powered engine driving a high-pressure water pump that includes a suction hose, water pump, fire hose, and nozzle integrated into a hand truck for mobility. The engine and pump unit is installed into a roll cage and can be run on the hand truck or removed for operation and maintenance. The suction and fire hoses are rolled and laid on a hose rack for quick removal and deployment. The Package is capable of defending the home and surrounding property by pumping a high volume of water to prevent fires generated by wind-driven embers from an approaching fire. The Package gives you independence from the municipal water system which frequently fails during a fire. Your pool, pond, or water tank represents an emergency water supply that creates a fire defense capability, in cooperation with local Fire Agencies.

How do I decide which Pump Package is best for me?
Go to the selection guidelines to determine which Package is best based on the size of your property and surrounding terrain. Most homeowners can be protected by the 5.5 HP High Pressure Package, however, larger properties, tall trees, uphill slopes, and saline water swimming pools will require additional power for an effective defense. If you are unsure, or wish to confirm your decision, please contact us.

When are a 1.0" and 1.5" Fire Hose needed? How much Fire Hose do I need?
The smaller 1.0" fire hose conserves water and is easier to move around than the 1.5" fire hose, and is used for applying Fire Retardant Gel (Thermo Gel). Homes with 2,500 gallons or less of water will need to use their water carefully (small water tank or spa), and the 1.0" conserves water. A 1.0" fire hose will typically be used for suppressing embers and mop-up close to the house, whereas, the 1.5" fire hose will be used in combination with Fast Foam and water as the primary protection from embers and fire. All Packages will power two hoses concurrently – allowing your pump to defend your home and your neighbors, or to apply Thermo Gel with the 1.0" hose and using the larger 1.5" for protection.

If you do not have enough fire hose (length), the defense of your home will be compromised. A great pump does not help without sufficient fire hose – lesser pump systems offered by others do not sell enough hose and require you to buy additional expensive hoses. Fire Pump and Hose Packages are supplied with lengths of hose for delivery of the maximum amount of water at the farthest distance from the pump without noticeable loss of pressure. This gives you the best value, which is our commitment.

Will the Fire Department use my Fire Pump and Hose Package to defend my home?
Yes, the combination of your emergency water supply and your Fire Pump and Hose Package can be used by uniformed Fire Department personnel to defend your home. We recommend you alert the local Fire Department Captain to your ownership of a Fire Pump and Hose Package, and encourage them to use it in an emergency if you are not home. Additionally, neighbors can combine resources (water, people, and funding) to defend multiple homes using the Fire Pump and Hose Package.

Can I operate the Fire Pump and Hose Package by myself?
Yes, one adult can setup the pump and suction hose, rollout the fire hose (with the nozzle turned to the closed position), and start the engine. The 1.5" fire hose can be handled by one adult, including relocating the hose. To relocate the hose, for example to move it from the front to rear of the property, the engine should be turned off, the nozzle opened (to allow water to escape as the hose is moved), and then relocate the hose. Once the hose is moved, the nozzle must been closed again, and then the engine can be restarted for continued operation of the fire hose.

What maintenance is required for my Fire Pump and Hose Package?
All mechanical equipment requires some maintenance, and it is minimal for the Fire Pump and Hose Package. Engine oil needs to be changed after the first 6 hours of operation, and again after 20 hours of operation. After each usage, the pump drain plug must be removed and all water removed. The engine should be run periodically (with water running through the pump) at least 3 times a year to maintain normal lubrication inside the engine. This periodic running of the pump also serves as practice in using the equipment so it can be effective when needed. Detailed maintenance and storage instructions are included with the Package.

Why is the Fire Pump and Hose Package the Best in Performance and Value?
Our Packages utilize carefully selected components that provide affordable performance for homeowners. This should be the only pump package the homeowner will need to purchase, if maintained. These Packages are not "over engineered", but are designed for reliable performance at a reasonable price.

I do not have "hands-on" experience with these pumps, how can I learn more before making a purchase decision?
The Fire Pump and Hose Package instructional video is available online for viewing by contacting Customer Service. You will experience all aspects of setup and operation of this pump package, including its power and ease of use. Almost all viewers decide to proceed with purchasing the Fire Pump and Hose Package after watching the presentation.


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