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Phos Chek Foam Concentrate 5 Gallons

Price: $160.00
Item Number: 603
Phos-Chek® WD881 is a fire suppressant foam concentrate, which when mixed with water at a ratio of 0.1% to 1.0%, is highly effective for fighting all types of Class A fires. WD881 is an ideal tool for structure protection efforts during wildfires and for perimeter control during prescribed burning operations. WD881 is unaffected by freeze/thaw, giving it unlimited shelf life. Phos-Chek WD881 reduces the amount of water needed to fight a fire because it uses it much more efficiently. This means less property damage and reduction of toxic products of combustion into the environment. WD881 also protects structures and fuels by blanketing the surface with bubbles and increases firefighter safety through quicker knockdown of the fire. - Stretches out the water droplet into a bubble and holds it that way, increasing its heat absorbing surface; - Penetrates deep into Class A fuels