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Guide for Selecting the Best Pump Package

The terrain of your property, trees, number of buildings, and other factors affect how to select the best fire pump package for defending your property. For most homeowners our 5.5 HP high pressure pump package will meet your needs. If you have uphill slopes, taller trees, or longer hose runs (to protect other structures), or will be pumping through in-ground piping to remote hydrants, you will need more power. The chart below is only a general guide - call for assistance and/or seek counsel from a hydraulics engineer.

Questions? Call or us for assistance in selecting your pump.

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A) Clear water flowing from nozzle at end of a 75 foot 1.5" fire hose, minimal wind conditions.
B) In-Ground Piping: High pressure pumps can be used to drive water through an in-ground piping system to remotely-located hydrants. Piping size     should be a minimum of 2.0" diameter or greater, depending on distance, elbows, and if used with a saline pool. Consult a hydraulics specialist     for exact sizing.
C) Saline Pools: Saline pool water has higher viscosity than clear water and requires additional pump power to push the water the same distance     as clear water. Additionally, saline water requires a higher mix of Thermo Gel (example 4% - 5% mix to water compared to 2%-3% for clear     water), and therefore different sprayers when ordering.
D) Fast Foam: Fast Foam (Scotty Fire) can be used to retard the spread of wildfire in vegetation surrounding buildings, and is sold separately here.
E) Fire Retardant Gel (Thermo Gel) can be used to protect buildings by applying it in advance of wildfire, and is sold separately here.
F) Electric Start models include battery charger, battery box, and battery cables, but exclude battery (can not be shipped).
G) Pricing: Options, Delivery or Shipping, and Sales Tax (if applicable) are extra.

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