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“Fire Pump and Hose Packages (FPHP) endeavors to offer accurate information and the best equipment to assist homeowner in defending their property on this website.  However, FPHP only warrants that the product specifications are accurate, and if not, will make adjustments as needed to ensure customers are fully satisfied. 

FPHP makes no warranty, and shall not be responsible for, errors and/or the accuracy of the recommendations regarding the application of the Packages to any specific property or customer due to the numerous variables affecting that decision. 

In the event that any official codes, standards, manufacturer's specifications and recommendations differ in any respect from the text contained in or linked to this website, the content of official printed documents shall be controlling.

Users of this website assume all risks associated with application of the information found on this website, without limitation. Due to the obvious dangers of fire fighting, and the many factors affecting the ability of a homeowner to safely defend their property, FPHP shall not be responsible for any consequences arising or resulting from the use of the information contained on the website.  Additionally, FPHP will not be liable for any damages of any kind resulting from the use of these products (Water Tanks, Fire Retardant Products, Fire Pump Packages).  Buyer’s purchase of these products constitutes agreement to this liability limitation.”